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National WiFi Offload and Mesh Backhaul Network

FiberTree is building the first mobile network capable of satisfying the unyielding demands of the burgeoning Connected / Autonomous Vehicle industry. Wireless carriers are stuck in a reactive loop, doing their best to satisfy today’s customers. They are not equipped to provide the stable, low-latency and high-bandwidth network that will be necessary to allow Connected Cars and Autonomous vehicles to scale. Are you ready to trust your life to technology that still routinely drops calls?

Site Acquisition is a critical element in any rollout, and is the first Stage in our multi-year ramp-up. FiberTree’s approach is one that will allow for a portfolio of extremely viable locations in key population- and traffic-dense area at a national scale. FiberTree’s expert team is preparing to enter into negotiations for the first 45,000+ sites that will make up the backbone of the FiberTree network, and will be leased to existing carriers, new MVNO’s (Google Fi, etc) and government networks.



Connected and Autonomous Vehicles require a low-latency, high-bandwidth connection to quickly access information regarding road conditions and communicate with other vehicles. This information allows the driver to avoid hazards, car accidents and traffic deadlock.


FiberTree’s network is built on a foundation of high-bandwidth fiber, with built-in emergency power and microwave redundancy.


Modern vehicles have an extensive number of Electronic Control Units that monitor and control every aspect of the vehicle’s operations. Providing a wireless connection hard-wired into the vehicle creates a potential gateway for malicious users, programs and buggy software to wreak havoc. These threats won’t result in a simple blue screen or spinning beach ball – losing control of a vehicle’s operating system can result in severe injury, or even death.

FiberTree’s network has extensive safeguards built in, including software firewalls and encrypted communication between hot-spots, vehicles and mobile devices.

Our mission is to enrich the journey of every traveler by building a Safe, Smart and Secure Networked Roadway.

– Pavel Redko


It’s a pretty bold concept, and one that makes sense when considering how many big Internet companies and automakers are diving into the connected/autonomous car race. It could also be a potential cash cow depending on how successful the project becomes.

-Dennis B. Keohane, Pando Daily

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